• <h4>DEREK STRAUSS INTERVIEW</H4>In this <a class=yellow-Link href="https://youtu.be/eo0q0rG3ewc" target="_blank">data-driven minute video</a> Derek Strauss, Chief Executive Officer, Gavroshe, talks about his experiences as a Chief Data Officer (CDO) and guides those new to the CDO role.
  • <h4><a class=yellow-Link href="https://www.gavroshe.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Gavroshe-CDO-Master-Class-Promo-Video.mp4">CDO MASTER CLASS</a></h4> Offered ONLINE during the lock-down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please <a class=yellow-Link href="https://www.gavroshe.com/chief-data-officer-master-class/">contact us</a> to get your name on the waiting list for the next online CDO Master Class; when we have sufficient delegates, we will poll you to arrange suitable dates and times for the class.<br /><br />
<h4><a class=yellow-Link href="https://www.gavroshe.com/dw2-0-certification/">DW2.0 CERTIFICATION TRAINING</a></h4>Please <a class=yellow-Link href="https://www.gavroshe.com/dw2-0-certification/">contact us</a> for DW2.0 Certification Training.
  • <h4>CHIEF DATA OFFICER INFORMATION QUALITY SYMPOSIUM @MIT</h4>Gavroshe is delighted to again be a sponsor of this year’s MIT CDO  Information Quality Symposium August  18-20. <a class=yellow-Link href="https://www.gavroshe.com/mit-cdo-forum-2017/">Click here</a> for more details.
  • <h2>OUR MISSION</h2>To accelerate the ability of our clients to establish robust and scalable Enterprise Data Management disciplines that reflect the strategic nature of information assets in the 21st century business context, where the role of high-quality information is increasingly “center stage” in decision making that drives both top and bottom-line growth. <a class=yellow-Link href="https://www.gavroshe.com/about-gavroshe/">Learn more &raquo;</a>
  • <h2>ADVISORY SERVICES</h2>Joint Requirements Planning is an award winning workshop facilitation methodology that enables cross-functional teams to achieve significantly greater alignment and buy-in to decisions taken over traditional facilitated workshop approaches. <a class=yellow-Link href="https://www.gavroshe.com/advisory-services/">Learn more &raquo;</a>
  • <h2>CDO ENABLEMENT</h2>We offer a variety of services that help leading organizations define and build a mature data  management program under the auspices of the Office of the Chief Data Officer. <a class=yellow-Link href="https://www.gavroshe.com/cdo-enablement/">Learn more &raquo;</a>
  • <h2>BIG DATA WAREHOUSE</h2>With the advent of unstructured data in the Big Data context, the complexities of data integration and business intelligence have increased significantly.  We offer a variety of services that help our clients focus investments in Big Data solutions in alignment with high-value use cases, big datasets, and technologies. <a class=yellow-Link href="https://www.gavroshe.com/big-data-warehouse">Learn more &raquo;</a>
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Market Reach

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

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Many other Consultants provide Project-based services. We build Enterprise Programs that can be sustained over time. Other Consultants work inside a ‘black box’; we prefer a mentorship-driven engagement. Our approach is focused on the use of training, structured mentorship and joint development teams to build program skills and components for our customers.  No “black box” technologies or templates are used and customer resources are fully empowered as part of the solution team.



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We are independent consultants and specialists in the Methods, Tools and Techniques which support a pragmatic approach to Information Resource Management (IRM). Learn more »

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CDO Master Class
Gavroshe CDO Master Class Video
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DW2.0 Certification Training
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